Asbestos, demolition and topographical survey

You can contact Macobo for a number of niche surveys, such as demolition and asbestos inventories and topographical surveys.

Demolition inventory and monitoring

Vlarema demands that the holder of a spatial permit draws up a demolition inventory of waste prior to the demolition or dismantling of certain (company) buildings. Macobo takes care of the preparation of these demolition inventories and, if desired, for the creation of demolition papers and guidance of the demolition work itself.

New legislation on the demolition of buildings will take effect at the end of August. Demolition management organisation Tracimat will certify the selective demolition process and check what happens with the waste released during the demolition and dismantling work using an extensive traceability system. The demolition experts of Macobo are also certified Tracimat experts and will help you prepare the demolition monitoring plan, the inspection visit, and provide assistance related to the demolition certificate.

Asbestos inventory

Every employer is required by law to have an asbestos inventory of its real estate drawn up in order to be able to inform not only its own staff, but also external employees, about the materials containing asbestos still present in its building. Macobo is an expert in the preparation of asbestos inventories, visual examination, destructive testing of asbestos and the supervision or coordination of asbestos removal projects.

Topographical survey

In order to avoid unpleasant discussions during or after construction, both the building owner and contractor have every interest in showing, based on an inventory, how the situation looks like before and after the execution of the works. One of our engineering experts can confirm and record the damage, if any, as an independent third party.

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