Structural Engineering

Structural engineering (Stability) will determine whether your construction will literally fall or stand. The additional cost of a good structural stability analysis is amply offset by the potential costs of over-sizing or material damage and especially human injury caused by excessively lightweight or poorly executed supporting structures.

Our engineers deliver a reliable structural engineering design and ensure that the execution is monitored properly. In addition to our traditional 2D software, we increasingly work according to the digital “Building Information Model” or “BIM” in our designs. The Revit design software is used for that purpose.

In fact, once calculated, we create a 3D virtual model of our structures before we actually build them. We detect possible execution issues already in the design stage, ensuring that the structure can be built smoothly during execution. The actual construction period is shortened considerably, execution errors are avoided with enhanced building quality and lower construction costs as a result.


  • Zandhoven, Residence Voorschoten
    Macobo Referentie Zandhoven, Residentie Voorschoten

    Formares, project developer of residential and industrial real estate, guarantees high-quality building thanks to its market knowledge and expertise. Formares is developing this new construction project in Viersel (Zandhoven) and hired AP/ART Architecten to design this fine example of modern architecture.
    The building consists of modern apartments and guarantees quality and durability with lots of light and space for greenery and nature. Macobo and Formares regularly collaborate and we have taken care of the stability studies, EPB reporting, and safety coordination for this project.

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  • 84 housing units in Aarschot
    Macobo Referentie Aarschot, 84 woonunits Ter Heide

    Hooyberghs, a subsidiary of B&R Bouwgroep, is building 84 social housing units in Aarschot. The project consists of a mix of apartments and homes and is called Ter Heide because of its location. The construction will take place in two phases and came about based on a CBO procedure, an initiative of VMSW aimed at the creation of social housing by project developers.
    2DVW Architects is responsible for the design of the buildings and Macobo takes care of the studies on stability, techniques, EPB reporting, and safety coordination. The design of the environmental planning with associated road connections and sewers is also provided by Macobo.

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  • St-Pieters-Woluwe, 16 luxury apartments
    Macobo Referentie St-Pieters-Woluwe, Luxe appartementen

    Antonissen Development Group is creating 16 luxury apartments in the Sint-Pieters-Woluwe city centre. The new construction project consists of a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. The underground parking garage will contain bicycle parking, car parks and storage areas. The focus is on a high-quality finish of both the building and the apartments. The architecture has been created by UNA|A and Macobo is responsible for the studies on stability and special techniques, EPB reporting, and the safety coordination.

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  • Lommel, Stuifduin Crematorium
    Macobo Referentie Lommel, Crematorium Stuifduin

    We celebrated the placement of the first stone of the crematorium in Lommel on Friday, January 27th. A large construction site right next to the current cemetery in Lommel is currently in full development. The new Stuifduin crematorium will arise there in the course of 2017. The VALE construction team which includes a20 architecten, Groep Vanhout, and engineering firm Macobo takes care of the project. Work has started at the end of 2016 and will take approximately 1.5 years in total. The crematorium will open its door in the spring of 2018.

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  • Droneport: new testing and business centre for drones
    Macobo Referentie Sint-Truiden, Dronepoort

    Together, dbv-architecten and Macobo were the winner of the design competition for the new testing and business centre for drones at the former Brustem air base.

    Droneport nv, a joint venture between LRM and the City of Sint-Truiden, has developed the new incubator building to offer various facilities supporting start-ups and research initiatives in the drone industry.

    What’s more, the proximity of the Fruitteelt Test Centre offers the opportunity to test all kinds of drone applications on fruit cultivation, giving Droneport a unique position in Europe.

    The firm dbv-architecten is responsible for the architecture, while Macobo is taking care of the structural engineering and special systems, EPBD reporting and safety coordination. 

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  • Diest, De Blekerij 70 residential units and 2 retail units
    Macobo Referentie Diest, 70 wooneenheden- 2 handelspanden De Blekerij

    De Blekerij is a housing project designed by De Architecten NV comprising 68 apartments, two detached houses and two business premises, distributed over four buildings. This new housing project is part of the redevelopment of the station district, which is intended to become the link between the station and the centre of Diest. Building work is due to start in January 2017 and completion is anticipated in early 2019. CORES Development is a developer of services and consultancy firm Macobo is responsible for the structural engineering and special systems, EBPD reporting and safety coordination.

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  • Kontich, 71 assisted living units and service centre
    Macobo Referentie Kontich, assistentiewoningen en dienstencentrum

    From modest apartment buildings to large residential complexes, B&R Development creates large and small projects, always recognisable by their distinctive architecture and premium living comfort. For this project, B&R Development chose to work with CBA (Crepain Binst Architecture) for the architecture and Macobo for the engineering aspects. This project includes the construction of 71 assisted living units, spread over five blocks. It also has a service centre with underground parking. Macobo has developed a BIM for the special systems and structural engineering designs. (Building Information Modeling (BIM) is based on three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in a building. We are also taking care of EBPD and ventilation reporting, as well as safety coordination design and implementation.

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  • Tessenderlo, Doorgangshuis
    Macobo Referentie Tessenderlo, Doorgangshuis

    The Doorgangshuis was commissioned by Lions club Tessenderlo. Q-BUS Architectenbureau is the chosen architect, while the structural engineering has been entrusted to Macobo. Building Information Modeling (BIM for short) is used both internally to mutually align systems and structural stability elements, and between the building partners to ensure that the architectural and engineering designs are compatible with one another. Any conflicts are detected and corrected as early as the design phase to avoid wasting valuable time or running up additional costs during implementation.

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  • Mol, extension of ‘Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis’ hospital

    The ‘Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis’ hospital in Mol was in need of renovation and extension. THV Vanhout/Dillen Bouwteam/Machiels Building Solutions added a new five-storey building adjacent to the existing hospital. Macobo is producing the structural engineering design. THV is using BIM to determine all the systems fitted above the suspended ceiling, as the ceiling offers a clearance height of 45 cm in which to integrate all systems. As a result, the entire structure of the building has been digitized in 3D, and the systems are also implemented in 3D. This allows engineers to examine and remedy possible “clashes” between different systems.

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  • Leuven, Vineam student residence
    Macobo Referentie Leuven, Studentenresidentie Vineam

    The contract involves the demolition of the existing buildings with the subsequent construction of a block of residential flats with about 74 student rooms on the corner of Wijnpersstraat and Donkerstraat in Leuven.

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  • Heist-op-den-Berg, 45 council flats
    Macobo Refentie Heist-op-den-Berg, 45 sociale woningen

    Commissioned by VMSW (the Flemish Society for Social Housing) and in collaboration with architects’ firm Archiles, we are working on various designs: special systems, EPBD, structural engineering and landscaping. More specifically, the special systems analyses includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting, renewable energies and heat loss calculation.

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  • Sint-Truiden, 59 housing units on Guldenbodemlaan
    Macobo Refentie Sint-Truiden, wooneenheden-Guldenbodemlaan

    Commissioned by project developer Liburni we have developed several designs: special systems, EPBD, structural engineering and safety coordination. More specifically, the special systems analyses included HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting, renewable energies and heat loss calculation.

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