With the increase in bicycle traffic there is a growing demand for the development of safe cycleways.

Macobo designs various cycling infrastructures as part of cycle route networks, “fietsostrades” and cycleways along roads. For the establishment of this infrastructure we take into account aspects such as landscape context, target groups, relevant modes of transport, speed limits and safety.

The result is a sustainable and functional design with high user comfort and a high-quality image value. In addition, the users’ safety as well as their perception of safety is heightened.


  • Heers, renovation of N743
    Macobo Referentie Heers, Renovatie fietspad N743

    Commissioned by the Municipality of Heers, AWV Limburg, Infrax and the City of Tongeren, Macobo designed a cycleway along the N743, which is part of the functional cycle network. The N743 starts from the N3 and is an interesting route for cyclists to and from the centre in the direction of Mechelen-Bovelingen and Rukkelingen-Loon. The safety of vulnerable road users and cycling tourists was also increased in the design.

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  • Tongeren, refurbishment of Neremsplein and Mal-Sluizen village centres
    Macobo Referentie Tongeren, Herinrichting Neremseplein en dorpskernen Mal-Sluizen

    Macobo was contracted by Aquafin to examine the feasibility of disconnecting the existing sewage discharges and building a carrier drain. The City of Tongeren used this intervention to rehabilitate the existing village centres by renewing and beautifying the road infrastructure within the built-up area and by constructing paved footpaths and cycle tracks along the way. This project involved the complete refurbishment of the Neremsplein and dead ends branching out from it. The design aimed to restore and strengthen the square’s function, including a stop-and-rest area along the cycleway.

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  • Kortenberg, HST cycle route
    Macobo Referentie Kortenberg, HST fietsroute

    Macobo was contracted by the City of Kortenberg to develop the cycle route in detail in order to optimize the HST bicycle highway. The idea was primarily to remove three “kinks” from the existing route. In two locations, the cycleway had to go under the roadway via cycle tunnels. The existing car park of the NMBS/SNCB had to be redesigned in this project.

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  • RVK Willebringen, target scenario design of cycleways
    Macobo Referentie Willebringen, Streefbeeldenstudie-fietspaden

    The Province of Flemish Brabant and VLM commissioned a number of cycleways as part of land consolidation at Willebringen. The characteristic open farmland consists of panoramic vistas and sunken roads that cut through the landscape. Most of the cycle routes deployed in this large-scale landscape are leveraging these two elements. Small landscape elements are rare and usually take the form of sunken roads and canals. The target scenario study aimed to create uniformity and sustainability. Macobo examined at length ways to potentially reinforce the recreational value and the overall structure of the functional and recreational cycling network by implementing new projects.

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  • Borgloon, reconstruction of Sittardstraat and Guldenbodemlaan
    Macobo Referentie Borgloon, N754A en N76k

    Macobo was contracted by the City of Borgloon, AWV Limburg and Aquafin to reconstruct the Sittardstraat and Guldenbodemlaan in accordance with the existing mobility plan. The two streets were developed as type 1 connecting roads whose main function is to connect at local and inter-local level. The road safety and quality of the experience of all road users and users of the surroundings were paramount in our design.

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